What is Foodertainment?

What is my blog about?

I am essentially what you would call a food addict. I enjoy all food, from a cheap and cheerful chinese takeaways to the best michelin starred meal. After a seriously foodie conversation, over a cream cheese and bacon bagel (ofcourse!) I decided to write about my foodventures. I tend to try out new recipes that I find online, in my ridiculous collection of recipe books or things that have been recommended by friends and family. After realising how much I must be boring people talking about all of the above, I decided to put hand to keyboard and write it all down.

“Foodertainment: Pure enjoyment derived from the eating of, talking about or creating of anything food!”

Who wants to read about my food?

Everyone – clearly! No, seriously, if you love cooking food, looking at photos of other peoples creations and reading about them, then you’ll like this blog. I’m not a chef, just a food enthusiast – or foodiast – so anything I’ve made is simple, with ingredients probably sourced from Waitrose!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for other recipes, or even if you’ve tried something I made!


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