I loved the name of this recipe – is it wrong that this maybe 90% of the reason I decided to try it out?? The final result needs work, but it tastes really reeeally good. I made a mini cake because it was for my lovely grandparents – Tea for two!

Using a 5cm mini cake tin (Lakeland Pushpan!) I made a simple vanilla sponge and baked it until a skewer came out clean (approx 30minutes as it’s a deep pan).

My cake took about 30minutes, but the pan is quite deep, so after 20minutes check it regularly to make sure it doesn’t burn!
When the cake is baked, take it out of the oven and leave to cool. Then remove from the cake tin and allow to cool through completely before using a knife to seperate into 3 sections.
Now, for the icing! This will cover a 22cm cake…
  • 375g cream cheese, softened.
  • 90g Icing sugar – but add to tase
  • 75g butter, softened
  • 140g roasted hazlenuts, roughly chopped
For the Glace Icing
  • 185g icing sugar
  • water
  • pink food colouring

To make the cream cheese frosting …

-*- beat the cream cheese and butter with electric beaters until smooth and creamy. Then gradually beat in the icing sugar and vanilla essence until it thickens. Set aside a cupful, and put both in the fridge until ready to use.

-*- When your cake is completely cooled, slice into sections horizontally 3-4 depending on the size of your cake (I did 3 for my mini cake).

-*- Put one bottom cake half on a serving plate and spread over a layer of your cream cheese frosting, then top with another layer of cake. Repeat the layering process, but don’t put any frosting on the very top.

-*- Spread the reserved icing around the sides of the cake (not the top) and press the hazlenuts firmly around the outside.

Glace Icing

-*- Sift your icing into a bowl and slowly add hot water until you get a thick consistancy with no lumps. Set a teaspoon or so aside and tint with some pink food colouring, now put this into a piping bag with a thin nozzle.

-*- Pour your white icing over the top of the cake, quickly spreading to the edges. Don’t worry about any pouring over the top, you can trim these off later.

-*- Moving fast, as this needs to be done when both icing are still wet, snip the end off your piping bag and pipe even rows of pink icing across the top of your cake. Gently drag a skewer across the pink lines, giving it a feathered effect.

-*- Leave to set.

Aaaand Voila …

I know – it’s a bit wonky and some hazlenuts got stuck in the glace icing! But it was a first attempt and it will be perfect next time 😛  The hazlenut part is quite hard on a mini cake!