Sunday’s weather was absolutely gorgeous and I spent most of the day lying up the garden soaking up the sun, big smiles all round 🙂 . I wish the rest of the summer had been like that!

It does worry me slightly that we’ve just had the hottest October day on record…it doesn’t seem right that we have 85degree weather in what should be winter?! My dad wasn’t to be fooled by the heat though – none of that salad stuff, his roast beef was still on the cards.

Gorgeous pink roast beef, with amazing roasted parsnips and potatoes, greens and gravy! Nom nom nom.

As dinner was being prepared, I suddenly realised we hadn’t got pudding sorted! We’d been so busy sunning ourselves silly that we hadn’t thought about it. Unforgivable.

We didn’t have much in the cupboards, but we did have some apples from the garden, some eggs and some sugar. What came to mind? Meringue of course!! Bit of a twist on the old lemon meringue pie classic, using the apples and a few blueberries. I’d forgotton quite how easy meringue is to make, whisk eggs whites and add a load of sugar! Easy!

Minus one egg....!?

It’s a better photo right? I’m getting used to my camera, finally! Although, this photo is missing an egg…I didn’t notice until I looked at the photos…it must have rolled off?!

Ingredients (for the meringue):

  • 4 egg whites: absolutely NO yolk or the meringue won’t work
  • 225g caster sugar

*I melted the dark chocolate at the last minute and drizzled it over the meringue to serve.
*Almonds are an optional addition to the meringue. Scatter over the top of the uncooked meringue before putting in the oven.


  • Put the egg whites into a large mixing bowl and using an electric whisk, whisk the whites until they form firm peaks. At this point…if you’ve whisked them enough and haven’t let any stray yolks into the mix…you should be able to hold the bowl over your head and the mixture will stay put. Go on. Try it! I dare you …
  • Then gradually add half the sugar and whisk until well combined. Be careful that you don’t over beat, the mixture should be firm, thick and glossy when ready.

  • Using a metal spoon, carefully fold in the rest of the sugar. Be careful to fold lots of air into the mixture, not knock it out. You want your meringue to be gaaaawjus and light!
  • At this point you can do what you want with the meringue! Dollop it on top of stewed apples, or lemon filling OR pipe it onto a lined baking tray for individual meringues OR even just slap the whole lot on a baking tray for one giant meringue!

  • The cooking part of the meringue is where you have to think about things a bit more. Do you want it to be chewy in the middle but crisp on top? Do you want it all to be crispy? Or do you want it to be slightly crisp on the top and gooey in the middle? Decisiiiions!
  • I like mine crisp on top and chewy in the middle. To achieve this, bake the meringue for approx.20-30minutes at 180degrees. Make sure to check it half way through, as the peaks can catch. When the top of the meringue is crisp and lightly browned, turn off the oven and leave the meringue in there for at least another hour, 2hours for best results. For maximum gooey-ness leave the meringue to sit out of the oven for another 30minutes before slicing.
  • If you dollop the meringue ontop of a filling, make sure it touches the edges slightly in order to anchor it to the filling. You don’t want it sliding around!

As you can see there is a slight imperfection in the meringue. You can see the gooey centre, because SOMEONE started nibbling before I could take the photo! Tut tut. It did taste good though …