I’m partial to a good cookery programme and I think Nigella Bites is one of the best. She cooks such delicious and indulgent food that’s easy to re-create.

A recent episode showed us lots of different dishes to serve for a friends. They were all really easy and simple dishes, but put them together and they create a great sharing menu.

One of the mini dishes she created was a hummus dip. It looked so scrummy that it actually made me go out and buy some; I’d never eaten hummus before!

Basically, she mixed some hummus with a bit of natural yoghurt to make it nice and smooth, scattered over some toasted pine nuts and a drizzle of olive oil. If they’re in season, sprinkle over some pomegranate seeds to top it all off! Serve with some pitta bread and it takes an ordinary dip to another level and it looks pretty too!

Personally I’m not a fan of ordinary hummus but I love the roasted tomato version (from Waitrose), served with some toasted pitta bread and it’s perfect as a light lunch.