Amazing. A whole week dedicated to cupcakes. I certainly will be doing my bit for the cause πŸ˜›

National Cupcake Week 2011 takes place September 12th to 18th. There are a number of special events and promotions taking place and a series of special programmes on Food Network – I know I’ll be watching!!!

I wanted to try out a red velvet recipe tonight that I found online – the Hummingbird recipe – but I have read some awful reviews about the mixture smelling awful … Cooking should smell good – seriously!?

On a nicer smelling note, I made some cupcakes and a larger cake for my birthday and brought them into work – they went down very well πŸ™‚

My mum taught me a little trick for making the sponge fluffier:

Rather than introducing the whole eggs to the cake mixture, I whisk them lightly in a seperate bowl and then add them slowly. It makes a huge difference to the texture of the cake!